PHI Air Medical Membership Program: Providing Peace of Mind and Financial Protection for Families

Access to appropriate care in a medical emergency is critical. This is especially true in rural communities, where emergency air ambulance membership services are often necessary to transport patients from the scene or rural hospitals to a higher level of care for appropriate treatment. Read more about the essential role of air ambulance services in rural healthcare. In such scenarios, the timely and specialized care provided by air ambulances can be crucial to the patient’s outcome. However, these essential services come with significant costs for in-route care and transport. To address this financial challenge, PHI Air Medical offers a membership program, PHI Cares, that provides families with a viable solution to protect against these burdens.


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PHI Cares Membership & Benefits

PHI Cares, the membership program of PHI Air Medical, is designed to offer financial protection during air medical emergencies. It extends coverage to the entire household and up to three non-family members residing at the same address. This broad protection ensures that, in the event of an air medical emergency, the financial implications are already managed for the family.

A multi-year membership in PHI Cares is highly affordable, costing just $0.16 per day or $4.81 per month. This makes PHI Cares a cost-effective way to safeguard against unexpected expenses associated with emergency air medical services. Get more commonly asked air ambulance questions and answers on our FAQ page.


How the Air Ambulance Membership Program Works

PHI Cares members who require air ambulance services can rest assured that PHI Air Medical will bill their insurance company directly and accept the insurance payment as payment in full. This effectively eliminates any out-of-pocket costs for the member for services provided by PHI Air Medical or its air ambulance partners.


Air medical Membership & Insurance with PHI Cares


On-Scene Emergencies and Interfacility Transports

In on-scene emergencies, always call 911 first. Qualified first responders will determine the need for an air ambulance and call the closest and first available air ambulance. For interfacility transports, patients or their families can inform the hospital of their PHI Cares membership to request PHI Air Medical’s flight services so that members can benefit from their membership while receiving necessary care during transport.

Read more about the full emergency journey from 911 to hospital via air medical dispatch.


Air Medical Membership Program & Benefits: Conclusion

PHI Cares Membership is a program that protects families from the financial burden in air medical emergencies, particularly in rural areas. With its affordable rates and household coverage, PHI Cares offers peace of mind and financial protection in an air medical emergency.

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