Closest First Available: The Journey from 911 to Hospital via Air Medical Dispatch

In the critical chain of emergency medical services, the coordination from the 911 call to air medical dispatch, and ultimately to hospital care, is a meticulously orchestrated process. This process ensures that the closest and first available medical dispatch resources are utilized, optimizing patient outcomes and efficiency in emergency response.

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The Initial 911 Call

The emergency medical journey begins with a 911 call, the first point of contact in any medical emergency. Medical dispatchers trained in emergency communication promptly assess the situation based on the information provided by the caller. This emergency assessment includes determining the severity of the medical situation, the location of the emergency, and any specific patient needs that must be addressed immediately.


Air Medical Dispatch Activation & Air Medical Transport

When a situation calls for air medical transport and services, the process initiates with the 911 dispatcher reaching out to air medical dispatch centers. At PHI Air Medical, these centers, known for their state-of-the-art communication capabilities, promptly respond to such emergencies. These specialized centers take over to mobilize air medical resources as part of their air medical transport company. The choice of the air ambulance service is determined by two critical factors: proximity and availability. This ensures that the patient receives care as quickly as possible.


The air medical teams, consisting of highly trained pilots, flight paramedics, and flight nurses, are briefed on the patient’s condition en route. This preparation is crucial for providing immediate and effective care upon arrival.


Air Ambulance At Emergency Scene PHI Cares


In-Flight Medical Care and Family Trax™ with an Air Ambulance

Once airborne, patients in the care of PHI Air Medical receive comprehensive in-flight medical attention from a team of highly trained flight paramedics and nurses. This expert care includes advanced life support and critical care, utilizing state-of-the-art medical equipment designed to meet the needs of critically ill or injured patients. Additionally, PHI Air Medical’s Family Trax™ system enhances the experience by allowing families to track the medical flight in real-time, providing a sense of connection and reassurance during a typically stressful period.


Air Ambulance’s Coordination with the Hospital

Effective communication between the air medical emergency team and the hospital is key to a seamless transition from air to ground care. This involves preparing the hospital’s emergency or trauma team for immediate intervention upon the patient’s arrival and ensuring that all necessary resources are ready and available.


Air Ambulance Hospital Coordination PHI Cares


The Role of Communication Systems in Air Medical Services

Advanced communication systems help in tracking the patient’s journey, ensuring smooth transitions at every point. They also assist in documentation and record-keeping, which is essential for post-care analysis and billing purposes.


PHI Cares & Other Air Ambulance Membership Programs

An integral part of PHI Air Medical’s service is the PHI Cares Membership program. This membership program is designed to protect families from the costs associated with PHI Air Medical Transport. It offers financial peace of mind, ensuring that in the event of an emergency, the focus can remain on the patient’s care rather than financial concerns. Based on the dispatch process and other variables such as weather, aircraft maintenance or in-service rate, it often makes practical sense to be a member of more than one membership program to ensure you’re protected financially. 


Air Medical Dispatch & Air Ambulance Process: Conclusion

The journey from a 911 call to air medical dispatch, and ultimately to hospital coordination, is a complex but well-orchestrated process, further enhanced by PHI Air Medical’s innovative solutions like Family Trax™ and the PHI Cares Membership program. By prioritizing the closest and first available resources and providing real-time tracking and financial protection, PHI Air Medical ensures that patients receive the fastest and most effective care possible, significantly improving the chances of a positive outcome in critical medical emergencies.

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