Why Should I Become a Member of the PHI Cares Membership Program?

While none of us ever expects to be in a situation where we need to be transported by an air ambulance, the reality is it can and does happen. Time can make all the difference during a stroke, heart attack, serious car accident, or other life-threatening trauma. The last thing you should be concerned with during such an emergency is air transportation costs. As a PHI Cares member, when transported by PHI Air Medical or one of our cooperative service partners, you will never have any out-of-pocket expenses for medically-necessary air transports; PHI Air Medical will work with your insurance provider and accept the insurance payment as “payment-in-full” for any medically-necessary transport – from one medical facility to another medical facility, or from the scene of an emergency. For more details on our program, please visit our website at

How does the Membership program work?

PHI Air Medical works closely with local fire departments, ground ambulances, law enforcement agencies, medical facilities, and physicians, to ensure safe, expedient, and lifesaving care for our patients. Members should always call 911 when they have a medical emergency. The 911 dispatchers are trained to gather specific information about the medical emergency from the caller and determine what type of medical transportation is best for the situation. If the 911 dispatcher determines the patient requires an air medical transport, they will request an air ambulance. PHI Air Medical specialists are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to respond to medical emergencies. Your membership with PHI Cares will help ensure you and your qualified household dependents are covered when they are transported by PHI Air Medical. Members should always ask for PHI Air Medical when possible, especially for hospital transfer flights. We will work with your insurance provider to make sure there are no outstanding out-of-pocket costs for your emergency air medical transport.


How many people does my PHI Cares Household Membership cover?

A household is considered to include all immediate family members and up to three (3) non-family members who reside in the same household on a full-time basis. Members are required to register all dependents and qualified non-family members living at the same address on their membership application or website enrollment portal.


If I’m flown by another air ambulance company, will my membership cover their bill?

Your PHI Cares National Membership provides benefits if PHI Air Medical or one of our cooperative service partners transports you or a qualified household member. PHI has over 60 flight bases across the nation with a helicopter service range up to 200 nautical miles. Your membership does not cover charges from other service provider. For a current map of our service areas and cooperative service providers, please visit the PHI Cares website:


I have Medicare, do I need to have a PHI Cares Membership?

Medicare does not pay 100% of your medical bills, therefore your PHI Cares membership is ideal for anyone on Medicare and/or a fixed income who might otherwise have to absorb the portion of your air medical transport bill not covered by your insurance or other third party. For just pennies per day, you can have the peace of mind in knowing you and your qualified household dependents are covered in the event of an emergency. We will work with your insurance provider to make sure there are no outstanding out-of-pocket costs for your emergency air medical transport. Medicare participants with supplemental insurance should contact their insurance provider to verify their specific benefits and out-of-pocket expense for emergency air medical transports.


If I don't have medical insurance, can I still sign-up for the membership program?

Health insurance is not required, however the membership rates are $100.00 for an individual or household national membership with no insurance. Please note: Medicaid members are not eligible to enroll in this program*.


What should I do if I have a membership and me or an eligible family member is transported by PHI Air Medical?

You should notify the Membership office if you or an eligible family member is transported by PHI Air Medical. This will help ensure you don’t receive a bill for your transport.


If I’m transported by ground ambulance to the PHI aircraft, will my membership cover the cost of the ground ambulance?

Your PHI Cares membership does not cover ground ambulance charges. Members should contact their insurance companies to verify their specific benefits and out-of-pocket expense for ground ambulance transports.


Is PHI Air Medical guaranteed to be available when requested for a transport?

We cannot guarantee a PHI Air Medical aircraft will be available whenever a member transport is requested. We operate 60 flight bases across the nation, but due to operational and safety factors including, among others, adverse weather, the aircraft is in use at the time of the request, or aircraft maintenance may prevent PHI Air Medical from responding to a request for an air medical transport, so PHI Air Medical and other air medical operators cannot guarantee they will always be available when a member transport is requested. We encourage all members to enroll in all air medical membership programs operating in their area.


How long is my membership valid?

Your membership if valid for one (1) year beginning five (5) days after your completed application and your nonrefundable payment is received. In most states, we offer 1 year, 3 year and 5 year Membership plans (California is limited to a 12 month term).


How do I renew my Membership?

Members will receive a renewal post card one month in advance of their expiration date. If you don’t receive your renewal notice, you can go to the PHI Cares website and renew online using your membership number or you can call our office and we can take your renewal payment over the phone with a credit card.


How do I update eligible family members on my household membership plan?

Please call the Membership Department to update your membership any time you have a change in your membership household dependents. Your household membership provides coverage for all family members who reside at the same legal address and up to 3 non-family members residing at the same address. Please be sure to keep this updated to avoid any billing issues.


What is the best way to reach the Membership Department?

We are available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm MST at 1 888 I FLY PHI (1.888.435.9744) or visit our Membership website and enroll online:


*Federal law prohibits Medicaid participants from enrolling in any air medical transport membership program.


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