Additional Membership Types

  • Group Memberships: Tailored plans for organizations, clubs, and teams.
  • Business Memberships: Customized plans for employers to provide employee benefits.
  • Municipal Memberships: Coverage programs for entire counties, cities, towns, villages, or service districts.

PHI Cares Membership

The last thing you should worry about during an emergency air medical flight is the cost of transportation. PHI Cares works with your insurance provider, accepting their payment as "payment-in-full" for any medically necessary transport, ensuring members face no out-of-pocket expenses so you can focus on what matters most.


Zero Out-of-Pocket Costs: Protection from copays, deductibles or any other out-of-pocket expenses

Free Family Trax app: Track your loved one inflight real-time

Household Coverage: Coverage extends to your household dependents.

Insurance Coordination: Free Access to patient billing advocate


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Why join PHI Cares and why do I need a membership?

None of us ever expects to be in a situation where an air ambulance is called, but if it does happen, out-of-pocket bills can be monumental.

By joining PHI Cares, you are becoming a member of a national air ambulance membership program that gives you peace of mind.

Your membership with PHI Cares will help ensure you and your household dependents are financially and safely covered when transported by PHI Air Medical.

Family Trax: Keeping You Connected During Medical Emergencies

PHI Family Trax Real Time App Map

Family Trax is a service offered by PHI Air Medical, designed to provide families with real-time updates on the location of their loved one during air medical emergency transport. Accessible via a simple URL, Family Trax allows families to monitor the journey of PHI's air ambulance helicopters or airplanes from any device with internet connectivity. This service not only keeps families informed but also offers reassurance during stressful times.

Key Features of Family Trax

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Track the progress of the PHI Air Medical transport vehicle carrying your loved one.
  • Instant Access: Receive updates directly on your phone or computer through an easily navigable link.
  • Shareable Link: Share the tracking link with friends and family to ensure everyone involved stays updated.
  • Time-Sensitive Connection: The tracking link expires 15 minutes after the patient arrives at the hospital, ensuring privacy and security.