• Protection from out-of-pocket expenses 
  • Free Family Trax app
  • Free Access to patient billing advocate

PHI Cares Membership

The last thing you should be concerned with during such an emergency is air transportation costs. PHI Cares will work with your insurance provider and accept the insurance payment as “payment-in-full” for any medically-necessary transport.
No out-of-pockets expenses for members.


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Why join PHI Cares and why do I need a membership?

None of us ever expects to be in a situation where an air ambulance is called, but if it does happen, out-of-pocket bills can be monumental.

By joining PHI Cares, you are becoming a member of a national air ambulance membership program that gives you peace of mind.

Your membership with PHI Cares will help ensure you and your household dependents are financially and safely covered when transported by PHI Air Medical.

Family Trax is included Free with Membership

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