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Summer Safety Tips UV Rays ProtectionFeatured

July is UV Awareness Month: Protecting Yourself from Harmful Ultraviolet Radiation Effects

July marks UV Awareness Month, a crucial time to raise awareness about the dangers of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, outline UV effects, and encourage the public to take necessary precautions. What is UV radiation? UV radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation that emanates from natural sources such as the sun...

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Get To Know The Helicopter Fleet at PHI

PHI Air Medical’s Elite Helicopter Fleet: Leading the Skies in Emergency Healthcare Transport

PHI Air Medical’s commitment to safety, reliability, and performance sets a high standard in the air ambulance service industry, and it’s clear that the fleet plays a pivotal role in fulfilling the mission of providing exceptional emergency medical transportation. The focus on advanced safety technologies, specialized medical equipment, and the...

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4 of July Holiday Safety Tips from PHI Cares

Celebrating the 4th of July: Safety, Fireworks, and the Vital Role of Air Ambulances

The 4th of July stands as a testament to American tradition, embodying the spirit of freedom and patriotism through vibrant celebrations, family gatherings, and the iconic fireworks that light up the night sky. As we immerse ourselves in the joy and unity of these celebrations, it becomes imperative to prioritize...

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Safety Tips for Recent Grads

Graduation Safety Essentials: Tips for Celebrating Responsibly

Graduation season is a pivotal moment that bridges the gap between youth and the budding responsibilities of adulthood. It's a time teeming with achievement, celebration, and the forward-looking promise of summer adventures. Yet, amid the festivities, there lies a critical obligation to prioritize safety, particularly in combating the dangers of...

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Health Safety Tips Outdoor Summer Activities

Water Safety Essentials: Preparing for Summer with Drowning Prevention

As summer swiftly approaches, the excitement for water-based activities reaches its peak. Families and friends are gearing up for fun-filled days at lakes and beaches, embracing the warmth and joy that come with the season. However, amidst this anticipation, it's crucial to prioritize safety to make sure these leisurely days...

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