PHI Air Medical’s Elite Helicopter Fleet: Leading the Skies in Emergency Healthcare Transport

PHI Air Medical’s commitment to safety, reliability, and performance sets a high standard in the air ambulance service industry, and it’s clear that the fleet plays a pivotal role in fulfilling the mission of providing exceptional emergency medical transportation.

The focus on advanced safety technologies, specialized medical equipment, and the ability to operate in diverse terrains ensures that PHI Air Medical can deliver high-quality care even in the most challenging situations. The integration of sophisticated avionics and ergonomic design in the aircraft cabins further supports the medical teams in performing life-saving procedures efficiently during transport.

Get To Know The Helicopter Fleet at PHI

At PHI Air Medical, we set the industry standard with our advanced fleet, designed for safety, reliability, and high-performance medical transport. Our fleet, including helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, navigates diverse environments—from rugged terrains to urban settings—ensuring the highest level of safety and precision in emergency medical transportation.

Key Features of the PHI Air Medical Fleet

Each aircraft in our fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art medical suites, transforming it into a fully equipped airborne intensive care unit capable of delivering hospital-level care. Our helicopters typically operate within a 150-mile range, while our fixed-wing aircraft normally cover distances up to 600 miles. The onboard medical equipment includes ventilators, balloon pumps, defibrillators, and intravenous fluid systems, essential for treating severely ill or injured patients during flight. Additionally, we offer specialized care, including maternal, neonatal, and respiratory therapy, supported by trained clinicians skilled in these areas.

Advanced Safety Technologies

Our aircraft are outfitted with Terrain Clearance Warning Avoidance Systems and sophisticated autopilots. These technologies enhance pilot awareness, facilitate smooth flight paths under adverse conditions, and significantly reduce the manual workload on pilots. This improves safety and optimizes response times, reinforcing our fleet’s role as a cornerstone of reliability in medical emergency response.

Eurocopter EC135: Engineered for Rapid Medical Response


  • Range: 330 miles
  • Speed: 125 mph cruise speed
  • Power: Turbomeca Arrius 2B2
  • Useful Load Capacity: 3,126 lb.

Eurocopter EC135 Air Ambulance Transport

The Eurocopter EC135aircraft is essential for PHI’s high-quality air ambulance services, featuring a rupture-resistant fuel system and a standard clamshell door with a 54-inch opening that facilitates efficient patient loading and unloading. Capable of accommodating up to three clinicians, this helicopter is equipped for comprehensive in-flight care, handling severe trauma and cardiac emergencies effectively. It includes dual-engine reliability and the advanced Helionix avionics suite, which reduces pilot workload and enhances navigational capabilities. The cabin’s ergonomic layout makes medical tools easily accessible, supporting swift and effective patient care. Additional safety features optimize operation under various conditions, enhancing the helicopter’s speed and reliability in delivering critical care.

AS350B3e – AStar: Versatility in Air Medical Services


  • Range: 390 miles
  • Speed: 130 mph cruise speed
  • Power: Turbomeca Arriel 2D
  • Useful Load Capacity: 2,151 lb.

AS350 Air Ambulance Aircraft

The AS350 B3e is a fundamental asset to PHI’s air ambulance operations, providing high-quality service with crucial safety features, including a rupture-resistant fuel system. This aircraft has a standard sliding door and a 65-inch cabin door opening, facilitating swift and efficient patient loading and unloading. Designed to accommodate up to two clinicians, the AS350 B3e offers reliable medical care during transport. While engineered for high-altitude operations, its robust Turbomeca Arriel 2D engine is especially effective in thin-air environments, essential for navigating mountainous terrains. The helicopter combines advanced engine technology and aerodynamics to enhance performance and safety in challenging conditions, ensuring dependable care delivery in remote and demanding locations.

Bell 407: High-Performance Emergency Medical Helicopter

Key Specifications:

  • Range: 350 miles
  • Speed: 130 mph cruise speed
  • Power: Rolls Royce 250-C47B engine
  • Useful Load Capacity: 2,300 lb.

Bell 407 Medical Helicopter Air Ambulance

The Bell 407 is critical in PHI’s air ambulance services, optimized for efficient and reliable operation across diverse environments—from urban areas to isolated regions. These helicopters are equipped with the Rolls-Royce 250-C47B turbine engine for enhanced efficiency and are adept at navigating adverse weather and high-altitude conditions. Key safety features include a rupture-resistant fuel system and a standard bi-fold door with a 61-inch opening that facilitates quick and easy patient loading and unloading. The advanced Garmin G1000NXi avionics suite boosts pilot situational awareness, ensuring precision during high-stakes missions. The medical bay is designed to allow easy access to vital medical equipment, including advanced cardiac support systems, accommodating up to two clinicians to provide continuous, top-tier medical care during rapid-response missions.

Sikorsky S-76C++: Specialized for Advanced Air Medical Transport

Key Specifications:

  • Range: 410 miles
  • Speed: 135 mph cruise speed
  • Power: Twin Safran Arriel 2S2 engines
  • Useful Load Capacity: 1,688 lb.

Sikorsky S-76C Specialized Air Ambulance

The Sikorsky S76C++ is crucial for high-quality air ambulance services within PHI, offering reliable performance and essential safety features, including a rupture-resistant fuel system. This aircraft is designed with a standard cabin door measuring 49 inches, enabling quick and efficient patient loading and unloading. The S76C++ accommodates up to four clinicians, significantly enhancing its comprehensive in-flight patient care capacity. Its twin-engine configuration provides a vital safety backup in emergencies, while the Honeywell Primus Epic Integrated Avionics system ensures precise navigation and flight safety across challenging weather conditions and complex airspaces. The cabin, a fully equipped mobile intensive care unit with advanced life support systems, allows for effective in-flight patient management, ensuring patient safety and comfort during transport. 

Eurocopter EC145C2: Optimized for Air Medical Excellence

Key Specifications:

  • Range: 360 miles
  • Speed: 135 mph cruise speed
  • Power: Turbomeca Arriel 1E2engines
  • Useful Load Capacity: 3,126 lb.

Eurocopter EC145C2 Helicopter

The Eurocopter EC145C2 aircraft is pivotal for PHI in providing high-quality air ambulance services, featuring a rupture-resistant fuel system and a standard clamshell door with a 55-inch opening that simplifies patient loading and unloading. Capable of accommodating up to three clinicians, this helicopter is designed with patient-centric features that enhance the delivery of medical care. It includes the advanced Helionix avionics suite and a 4-axis autopilot, significantly improving safety and operational stability. The spacious cabin, coupled with a flat-floor design, allows for easy maneuverability of medical equipment and personnel, which is critical for effective in-flight care. The EC145C2’s twin engines offer robust performance in diverse conditions, including high altitudes and hot climates, ensuring dependable and rapid transport capabilities.

Beechcraft King Air 200: Advanced Fixed-Wing Turbo Prop Medical Transport

Key Specifications:

  • Range: 1100 miles
  • Speed: 270 mph cruise speed
  • Power: Pratt and Whitney PT6A-41engines
  • Useful Load Capacity: 4,962 lb.

Beechcraft King Air 200 Air Ambulance Transport

The Beechcraft King Air 200 is a foundational component of PHI’s air ambulance fleet, designed for delivering high-quality medical services. This aircraft boasts an array of safety features, including a rupture-resistant fuel system and a standard cabin door with a 27-inch opening for efficient patient loading and unloading. Its superior functionality is enhanced by the capacity to accommodate up to four clinicians, ensuring comprehensive patient care throughout the flight.  The Beechcraft King Air 200 is also configured as a flying intensive care unit with state-of-the-art medical equipment, such as cardiac monitors and infusion pumps. This setup enables medical staff to perform sensitive procedures and maintain continuous hospital-level care from takeoff to landing, optimizing the treatment of patients during transport.

Lear 31A: Advanced Fixed-Wing Jet Medical Transport


  • Range: 1200 miles
  • Speed: 440 mph cruise speed
  • Power: Pratt and Whitney Canada JT15D-4Engines
  • Useful Load Capacity: 1,400 lb.

Lear 31A Medical Jet Transport

The Lear 31A significantly enhances PHI’s air ambulance capabilities with its exceptional speed and operational efficiency, making it a standout choice for shorter, rapid-response missions. It has a rupture-resistant fuel system features a standard cabin door with a 27-inch opening, facilitating quick and efficient patient loading and unloading. Moreover, the Lear 31A’s capacity to accommodate up to five clinicians ensures comprehensive care can be provided during flights. This capability allows PHI to deliver high-quality medical attention and monitoring, rivaling the level of care found in traditional hospital settings, ensuring that patients receive the best possible treatment in critical times.

PHI: Setting the Standard in Air Medical Excellence

At PHI Air Medical, our commitment goes beyond providing an advanced fleet; it’s about ensuring that each mission is performed with the highest safety and efficiency. Our industry-leading training programs and meticulously selected aircraft demonstrate our dedication to excellence, embodying our promise to go “Beyond the Call.” No matter the location—from dense urban environments to secluded rural areas—our fleet stands ready to deliver rapid, reliable, and exceptionally safe medical transport.

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