Family Trax and PHI Cares: Your Support Services from PHI Air Medical

PHI Air Medical offers pivotal services designed to assist patients and their families during medical emergencies:

  • Family Trax for immediate, real-time tracking of air ambulance & medical transports
  • PHI Cares air ambulance medical membership program providing financial relief for the cost of medically necessary transports by PHI Air Medical or one of its partners.

PHI Air ambulance membership Family Trax App

Family Trax: Real-Time Connection Like Never Before

Family Trax is a pivotal service offered by PHI Air Medical, designed to keep families informed with real-time updates on the location of their loved one during the air medical emergency transport. Whether by one of PHI’s air ambulance helicopters or airplanes, Family Trax allows families to monitor the journey as it happens, offering an added level of connection and reassurance.

PHI Family Trax Real Time App Map

Family Trax Features:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Track the progress of the PHI Air Medical helicopter or airplane with your loved one on board, providing you with a direct connection to their journey.
  • Instant Access: Easily accessible through a straightforward URL, Family Trax delivers updates directly to your phone or computer, requiring only an internet connection for access.
  • Shareable Link: The ability to share the tracking link with friends and family ensures that all concerned parties can stay updated, fostering a sense of community support.
  • Time-Sensitive Connection: Importantly, the Family Trax connection will expire 15 minutes after the patient is received at the accepting hospital. This feature ensures privacy and security, marking the end of the tracking period once your loved one has safely arrived.

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PHI Cares: Financial Relief for Medical Transports

PHI Cares, the PHI Air Medical membership program, offers financial protection, covering expenses for medically necessary air medical transports conducted by PHI Air Medical or one of its partners. It’s important to emphasize that PHI Cares is not air ambulance insurance. Instead, it’s an air ambulance membership program designed to cover out-of-pocket expenses for you, your household dependents, and up to three additional family members. Members flown by PHI Air Medical or one of its partners will face zero out-of-pocket expenses, providing a layer of financial security during stressful situations.

PHI Cares Membership Highlights:

  • No Out-of-Pocket Expenses: Members enjoy peace of mind, knowing they are covered for medically necessary transports.
  • Support for Your Peace of Mind: The PHI Cares membership alleviates financial worries, allowing families to focus on the well-being of their loved ones.
  • Access to a Wide Network: PHI Cares Coverage includes PHI Air Medical helicopters, airplanes, and its extensive network of partners, ensuring broad support.

Check Your Coverage with PHI Cares

Understanding the coverage area is crucial for families considering PHI Cares membership program and benefits. To see if PHI Air Medical or a partner provides coverage in your area or areas you frequently travel to, visit the coverage map. This tool, available at, includes a zip-code locator to check service availability in your desired locations easily. If you still have questions about PHI Cares membership program details, check out our FAQ page that addresses how it works, why you may want to become a member, who the membership covers, and more.

Leveraging Family Trax and PHI Cares

While Family Trax provides essential connectivity during medical transports, PHI Cares offers financial security, ensuring you’re supported in more ways than one during medical emergencies. These services demonstrate PHI Air Medical’s commitment to supporting families with not just medical expertise but also crucial informational and financial resources.