Celebrating 75 Years of Excellence: The Evolution of PHI Incorporated

Join us in marking the 75th anniversary of PHI Incorporated, a journey of remarkable growth, innovation, and commitment to healthcare and air medical services & transport.


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The Early Years: Laying the Foundation for a Legacy

In 1949, PHI began its mission to serve the petroleum industry, starting with just two Bell helicopters and a team of seven. This marked the start of what would become a significant legacy in air medical services.

PHI Air Medical: Leading the Way in Life-Saving Services

Through the years, PHI Air Medical has transformed patient transport, flying over 100,000 patients and serving diverse markets across the United States. Our dedication to excellence drives continuous innovation in the air medical field.


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PHI Cares Air Ambulance Membership: Ensuring Financial Peace of Mind in Emergencies

PHI introduced the PHI Cares membership program in 2005, a crucial step towards providing financial ease for families during emergencies. This air ambulance insurance program ensures that members flown by PHI Air Medical or our partners face no out-of-pocket expenses.


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A Series of Firsts: Pioneering Air Medical Services

PHI consistently leads with groundbreaking advances as the first to fit all aircraft with night vision goggles and to win the Vision Zero Safety Award twice. PHI’s commitment to safety and innovation stands at the forefront of all we do.

The Human Dimension of Safety: Our Pledge to Care

With the introduction of the Fifth Pillar of PHI’s Safety Management System “The Human Dimension of Safety”, PHI Cares has reinforced our dedication to the welfare of patients and staff. Our Yellow & Black Giving Back Foundation further exemplifies PHI’s commitment to service and community support.

Innovative Technology: The FlyPHI App and FamilyTrax

PHI and PHI Cares embrace technology with innovations like the FlyPHI app and FamilyTrax, enabling families to track their loved ones during emergency medical transport. These air ambulance tools offer transparency and reassurance.


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Broadening Our Services: Introducing Ground Ambulance Operations

Adapting to healthcare’s evolving landscape, PHI Air Medical has expanded services to include ground ambulance operations, beginning in Texas. This expansion marks a new chapter in PHI’s healthcare transport services outside of just air ambulance services.

Join PHI Cares and Embark on Our Journey into the Future

Becoming a member of PHI Cares air ambulance membership is simple and provides you and your family with essential coverage in emergencies. Visit our website or reach out to us to join and become a part of our future together, as we embark on the next 75 years.