Apply for a PHI Cares Membership today.

Please, do not wait. Sign up today. Your community will thank you. More importantly, one day, your family may thank you.

There are three easy ways to register.

  1. Download an application. Download the application and the plan coverage document.
  2. Call your PHI Cares Membership Sales Representative - 1.888.IFLYPHI (1.888.435.9744), M-F; 8am-4pm MST

*Carefully review the Notices Required by the Department of Managed Healthcare during the application process.

*Definition of Household: All members of a single family residing together, including up to three non-family members, if any.
*consistent with the NFPA 1 Uniform Fire Code 2003 section

*CURRENT GROUP RENEWAL APPLICANTS: You must remember to put your Group Name where indicated, in order to get your group rate. Please contact your Group Coordinator about any questions pertaining to your group.

*MEDICARE PARTICIPANTS: We gladly accept Medicare as a form of insurance.

*NOTE: Medi-Cal Recipients: If Medi-cal is your primary form of insurance, your participation in the Medi-cal program makes you ineligible to enroll in this program.