Air Evac, a service of PHI Air Medical, is recognized for having among the industries finest, most compassionate professionals. Across the state, the organization has become a vital community-based asset that ensures a higher level of care to so many in need - whether they are transferred from a hospital or from the scene of an emergency. It is reassuring to know that Air Evac is there in your community.

In Arizona and across the U.S., safety is PHI Air Medical's number one priority. When it comes to pilot, maintenance, and personnel training, PHI far surpasses the industry standard. Our pilots and maintenance technicians assigned to air medical duty are among the most experienced, dedicated, and best trained professionals in the world. Because of the extraordinarily unusual commitment to safety, PHI's medical and clinical teams dedicate their full attention to patient care.

In Arizona, operating out of 18 bases, Air Evac is proud to be accredited by CAMTS, the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems.
Air Evac is also the only air medical provider in the state fully equipped with state of the art night vision goggles that help pilots navigate the dark Arizona terrain.